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2009-05-10 01:54:49 by Nev

I quite like the title as I just posted a Star Wars thing in C&C Regs Lounge and it kinda resembles 'A New Hope'.

I'm bored and as I have nothing to talk about (or nothing I want people to be interested in, in their sad little lives) I'm just going to say what I'm doing now.

It's 6:52am and I'm going to bed after this, I'm just finished watching American Beauty because I couldn't be arsed watched Alien3. I'm listening to Philip Glass' 'Prophecies' from Koyaanisqatsi.

That's it, go away!


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2009-05-15 05:20:28

I feel somthing was somehow stolen from me after reading this [ dont know what ]


2009-05-20 17:01:12

I just shat a brick, are you really from Blackpool?

Nev responds:

I am indeed. Preesall to be specific.


2009-05-21 15:25:06

What a small world. I was there for 18 years, then I got wise and I live in St.Annes now :P The last time I drove through I couldn't get over how much more of a shithole it's become lmao.

Nev responds:

You lived in Preesall?


2009-05-23 21:03:50

They haunt you in dreams.