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Ashes To Ashes...Dust To Dust Ashes To Ashes...Dust To Dust

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I especially like the way you have evolved as a musician. It definately seems like you're more serious.

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World_of_sl33p World_of_sl33p

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Stoner Rock isn't really my scene (as its Rock and I generally dislike that style).
But I could listen to this easily, the riffs work and theres nothing horrible about the instrumentation.
And I actually like the vocals. They remind me of that Pink Floyd song 'The Gnome'. Just sounds like you're singing directly from some kind of LSD trip. Its a bit high-pitched but then you're only a little baby. But I do like the sound of your voice. Its different and I find that interesting and the best bit the song.

Liberation of the Chosen One Liberation of the Chosen One

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great stuff.

The intro is nice and the riffs are good straight off the bat, nice mixture of speed and melody with a lovely degree of coldness (helped by the vocals of course. I don't see where you've experimented, but I like them all the same - as usual).
The fills in the riffs are nice.
And the production is much fuller this time - which the Nev demographic prefers ;).

I actually prefer the rest of the song to the bridge :P.
And I really like the outro, kinda reminds me of Sigh.

I like it Marky :).

Goatchrist responds:

Hehe, thanks a lot for the detailed review dude :) I'm glad it appealed to the demopgraphic of Nev ^^

I used some different growling techniques here. Not much of a difference in sound, but it was a lot different to record.

Eternal Sin - The Conquest Eternal Sin - The Conquest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff.

I wasn't really into it at first but after that acoustic bridge and the build up from there it really gets good :).
I think the bass is a bit weak though, I don't know how good your recording knowledge is but I know some little tricks to improve the bass so that it transfers from a mixdown environment to home listening one if you need it.

But yeah, I like :).

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks man, but those damn 128 kbit due to conversion don't help much either. There is definitely more bass in the *.wav or the 256 kbit version. 8 Megs for modern times? Pathetic.

Thanks for the review dude.

Iblis- Beneath /w Vox Iblis- Beneath /w Vox

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's good...

Despite some bland 'Chugga-Chug. Chugga-Chug' riffs there is some good stuff (the intro is decent and there is good pinches) and the bits more reminiscent of Prog/Tech are good.
Drums are nice too. And vocals aren't bad.

The guitar sound is a bit Killswitchy though, wheres the grim and frostbitten production :P?

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Kiddmeizter responds:

I left it in some snowy forest. ;D
No lol, We Don't play black metal.

Choclotronics 5 Choclotronics 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This one is nicer :).

I've only listened to the first 30 seconds cause thats all that loaded. But its much more subtle and what I like in my ambient genre :).
Some parts do sound as though they're psuedo-Asian or something and its a wee bit trippy, but I'm not sure whether thats good or bad... maybe a bit of both. Bad... in an infectious way.
And the production is still cracking :).

ChocloMan responds:

Thanks sweetie. ;D

Choclotronics 3 Choclotronics 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A bit aggressive.

Its all a bit in your face and full on for an ambient track, in my opinion, especially the solo part. Doesn't inspire relaxation.
That said, there are parts (about 85%) of the lead guitar that are very nice. And as has been said, the delay is used very well. Lovely tone too :).
But theres a bit that seem a bit out of place and seems to have no purpose what so ever. It like a two note affair somewhere in there :P. It sounds ugly and brings it down.
The bass is awfully monotonous too.

But it does sound nice :).

ChocloMan responds:

Thanks. I see what you mean, it's pretty messy for ambient. The "lovely tone" was obtained with a 12watt Washburn amp and a $30 distortion pedal :D so thanks!

When I get a decent delay pedal (or just a delay pedal), I'll make more of these and hopefully they'll sound like I have an idea of what I'm doing.